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Sapian Root Remover Kit

The Sapian Root Remover kit includes everything you see here:

Extraction Screws
  1. Anterior driver
  2. Collet nut for anterior driver
  3. Manual latch head driver
  4. Pry bar
  5. Gear oil vial and spout for manual latch head driver
  6. Extraction screw block with built-in screw straightener
  7. Solid aluminum screw block containing:
    1. Three thin extraction screws: one 1-ball, one 2-ball and one 3-ball
    2. Three thick extraction screws: one 1-ball, one 2-ball and one 3-ball
    3. Finger driver
    4. #557 Surgical high speed cutting bur
    5. 33mm total length RA latch pilot drill
  8. Fulcrum tray with removable silicone elastomer cushion pad
  9. Soft silicone pin mat cushion for screw block and fulcrum tray
  10. Autoclavable stainless steel instrument cassette
Extraction Screws

SKU/Item Number: rr0001

Price: $1,895.00

Full page color instructions and instructional video are also included with kit.
Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Patent Pending.