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Extractions made easy

Multi-root extractions commonly involve sectioning the root into smaller, more manageable pieces. As this case shows, however, with the Sapian Root Remover System, it is sometimes possible to extract the entire multiroot structure in a single piece, without sectioning. For this case, the extraction screw was driven into the largest canal.

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Research and Development in Grand Prairie, TX

Elevate Your Practice Standard

The standard of care for surgical root removal is moving upwards, and the Sapian Root Remover System is the method of choice for simple, quick atraumatic root extraction. The System is being taught at leading dental schools, with endorsements from eminent professors and lecturers who use and teach the system without compensation.

With the Sapian Root Remover System, surgical root extractions that once required time consuming procedures and traumatic destruction of surrounding tissue are now accomplished by a simple, quick, minimally invasive procedure that does not require specialized training.


  • Reduced procedure time = increased profits
  • Pays for itself in 3-5 procedures
  • Preserves bone and reduces tissue trauma
  • Provides tactile feedback
  • Reduces post-surgical complications
  • Increases patient comfort
  • Money Back Guarantee


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Dr. Sapian personally responds to telephone requests and e-mails regarding technical assistance and proper technique for using the Root Remover System, and also provides consultation regarding special cases.

Schubert Sapian, BSMT, DDS CEO

Comprehensive care, one convenient location

The Sapian Root Remover System: An important addition to any dentist’s office

  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce procedure time = increased profits
  • Pays for itself in 3-5 procedures
  • Provides tacile feedback
  • Reduces post-surgical complications
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Money back guarantee
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