Advantages of the Sapian Root Remover

Easy to use

Five simple steps typically require only a minute or two.

  1. Cut periodontal ligament, and luxate root.
  2. Drill pilot hole.
  3. Insert extraction screw using one of two custom drivers – the Anterior Driver for anterior maxillary roots, or the Manual Latch Head Driver for other root locations.
  4. Place fulcrum tray in position to provide support base for leverage with pry bar.
  5. Place the lift ball in the cradle, then press down to pry up. Slide the pry bar prongs under the ball on the extraction screw so that the ball rests in the cradle between the prongs, then exert leverage pressure to extract the root.

Reduced procedure time = increased profits

Time is money. The longer a procedure takes, the less you earn. If you can complete what was once a technically complex and time-consuming surgical root extraction in a matter of minutes, the more profitable your practice will be. With the Sapian Root Remover, a surgical root extraction that may take from 30 minutes to an hour or more using traditional methods of cutting and drilling can in most cases be completed in a few minutes.

Pays for itself in 3-5 procedures

How many hours of work do you put in a day generating revenue? After 3-5 uses of the Sapian Root Remover, you will have increased your productive time enough to recover your investment. From that point on, the Sapian Root Remover means increased profits, or, if you prefer, less time in the office.

Preserves bone and reduces tissue trauma

Traditional methods of root and root tip extraction may involve procedures such as elevation and forceps damage, or cutting into bone that can permanently traumatize or destroy the supporting bone structures. Other procedures such as envelope flaps or grinding out the root increase bleeding and tissue trauma. The Root Remover minimizes or eliminates bone destruction, soft tissue trauma and bleeding attributable to the root extraction.

Provides tactile feedback

The Sapian Root Remover provides the dentist with a firm tactile connection to the extraction, and allows maximal versatility in positioning the instrument during the extraction procedure. These are some of the reasons why the Sapian Root Remover is superior to complicated and cumbersome “atraumatic extraction devices” that create extraction force by twisting a knob.

Reduces post-surgical complications

The Sapian Root Remover reduce the risk of hard and soft tissue damage that can lead to post-surgical complications when compared to traditional root extraction surgery. Use the Sapian Root Remover and protect yourself against the legal risk that come with failing to utilize the state-of-the-art standard of care for root extraction.

Increases patient comfort

Patients notice how quick and easy a root extraction is with the Sapian Root Remover. They are not subjected to traditional bone devaluation such as muco-periosteal flaps that are often performed to extract infected roots. With the Sapian Root Remover, you can confidently tell the patient that the extraction procedure and the recovery period will be short. Often times, patients don’t use the pain medications.

Money Back Guarantee

The Sapian Root Remover System comes with a money back guarantee during the first year of use. Click on the Money Back Guarantee link on this page for details.