A message from Schubert Sapian, BSMT, DDS

The Sapian Root Remover System surpasses earlier specialized root extraction instruments by being faster, more user friendly, and allowing easier access to difficult to reach tooth locations. In addition to these functional advantages, I designed the System to be far more economical than those earlier instruments priced upwards of $2100 or even up to $2700. With the Sapian Root Remover, both specialists and general dentists can now perform root extractions while minimizing procedure time and site trauma, maximizing bone preservation, and leaving a clean extraction site ready for immediate implant placement.

“View our clinical and training videos, where you will see how dentists use the System to complete in a few minutes root extractions that would have otherwise taken a great deal of time or been impossible without bone damage. Patients expecting a difficult extraction are surprised when the entire procedure is over in minutes. And, read through our written instructions, also available here online, for clear and simple explanations of clinical techniques that go beyond the intuitively obvious use of the System.

“I hope you enjoy the Sapian Root Remover as much as the many dental professionals who have evaluated the System and now enthusiastically recommend it to their professional colleagues. This instrument has changed their work by saving time, improving patient comfort and care, and enhancing confidence and skill during root extractions. I believe the Sapian Root Remover will reward you and your patients in the same way. But, you don’t need to take my word alone. Here is what your colleagues have to say.”

Dr. Gil Triplett, Dallas, Texas
Regents Professor, Baylor University School of Dentistry; past Chair of the Department of Dentistry, and the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Pharmacology; Diplomat, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Editorial Board, International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants.
“In my instruction of dental students and OMS residents, I emphasize the use of the Sapian Root Remover System to achieve rapid root removal. This System is versatile and easy to use, and makes it possible for the trainees to quickly master root extractions. In my personal experience, the use of the System appears to optimize bone repair, because it reduces bone destruction and maintains alveolar socket integrity.”

Dr. Jaime Lozada, Loma Linda, California
Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Implant Dentistry, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Past President of the American Assn. of Implant Dentistry, Fellow with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Diplomat of the American Board of Implant Dentistry, Editorial Board, Journal of Oral Implantology, intramural private practice limited to implant surgery and prosthodontics.
“The Sapian Root Remover System gets my enthusiastic endorsement. I use it in my lectures, my teaching of dental students, and in my own practice. It allows fast and easy removal of roots in a manner that preserves fragile buccal bone and leaves the extraction site ready for immediate implant placement. The careful thought that has gone into the design of the Sapian Root Remover System is evident in its versatility, its ergonomics, and the precise control it gives the dentist during the extraction procedure.”

Dr. Karl Koerner, Draper, Utah
Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry; editor and contributor, Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist; editor and contributor, Basic Procedures in Oral Surgery; national lecturer and general dentist with practice limited to oral surgery treatment, including implants.
“It’s not often you find a new product in oral surgery that really lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. I like the Sapian Root Remover System because it’s simple, quick and easy to use, and it works.”

Dr. Russell Cunningham, Austin, Texas
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
“I was introduced to the Sapian Root Remover System during my OMS residency training. When I joined a practice group consisting of nine clinics, I found surgeons with years of experience admiring how quickly and easily I perform root extractions using the Sapian System, with minimal trauma to the extraction site. I now keep a kit at each clinic I cover, and have the pleasure of introducing my colleagues to the state of the art in root extraction using this System. No oral surgeon should be without the Sapian Root Remover System.”

Dr. Mac Ojano, Redlands, California
Implants, general dentistry, lecturer, Clinical Professor, Loma Linda University School Dentistry
“After having previously used another atraumatic root extraction device, I now recommend the Sapian Root Remover in my lectures. I also use it constantly in my own implantology practice. The Root Remover is not only an excellent instrument, it is the best — and most reasonably priced — for atraumatic root extraction prior to placing implants.”

Dr. Gregory Goodlin, Portland, Oregon
Team Dentist for the NBA Portland Trailblazers, implants, oral surgery, general dentistry
“The Sapian Root Remover is a ‘must have’ instrument in any office that performs extractions. Before I used the Sapian Root Remover, I doubted that a special instrument for root extraction would be worth the expense, but it has proved invaluable in my practice. Its innovative design is intuitive, builds confidence, simplifies difficult root extractions, provides optimal treatment outcomes, and practically eliminates the need for flap surgery or bone removal.”

Dr. Kenneth Hill, Las Vegas, Nevada
Implants, general dentistry
“I own both the Sapian Root Remover, and the Physics Forceps. I find that the Root Remover allows me to extract some roots and root tips that are not amenable to extraction with the Physics Forceps. The Root Remover also provides better access to difficult root extraction sites such as posterior molars. Any dentist performing extractions should have the Root Remover in his or her instrument armamentarium.”

Dr. Scott Warren, Waco, Texas
Oral Surgeon
“As Chief Resident during my training as an oral surgeon, I was introduced to several specialized instruments for root extraction. The Sapian Root Remover soon became my instrument of choice because it is easier and faster to use, it is more intuitively obvious, and it provides the tactile feedback I want as a surgeon when performing root extractions while trying to preserve bone and create a site ready for immediate implant placement. I find it invaluable, and recommend it highly as the best of the specialized root extraction instruments.”

Dr. David Wormhood, Jamestown, California
General dentistry
“In comparison with other minimally invasive root extraction systems, the design of the Sapian Root Remover provides superior access to all extraction locations in the mouth, is simpler to use, and provides the dentist with more direct tactile connection to the extraction.”

Dr. George Lee, Westlake Village, California
General dentistry
“Even though root extraction is an infrequent procedure in my general dentistry practice, with the Sapian Root Remover I am able to easily complete in only a minute or two extractions that would otherwise have been time-consuming and difficult, or impossible.”